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Abstrakte Linien

Coat your products with our easy-to-clean antibacterial surface coating that keeps bacteria, biofilm and other dirt away.

Our simple coating process ensures a quick chemical bond to the surface.

Flux Polymer's antibacterial surface coating prevents the adhesion of bacteria & biofilm, but also cells and dirt such as oils and fats.

Easy-to-clean, non-biocidal and without changing the look or feel.

Our innovative technology is suitable for many applications:

medical products

Medical Devices

Antibacterial coating of implants, medical devices and hospital equipment to reduce nosocomial infections.

cell culture.png

Life science & Cell culture

Non-toxic surface coating to prevent the adhesion of cells, proteins and antibodies.

domestic appliances

Domestic Appliances

Coating of components in household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or coffee machines to prevent the formation of biofilms.

mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Coating of machines and systems or process water tanks to prevent the adhesion of oil, dirt and biofilm.

Anti Fog

Anti Fog

Anti fog coating of transparent surfaces to reduce fogging of visors, safety glasses or sports glasses - with unchanged transparency.


Textiles & Fabrics

Coating of textiles, fabrics or fibers to easily wash out oil and grease.

filtration and membranes

Filters & Membranes

Antibacterial coating of filters and membranes, against the release of microorganisms and to keep the filters clean.

3D printing.png

3D printing / additive manufacturing

Our coating works on all common plastics used in 3D printing such as PLA, ABS, PEEK, HIPS, PA, PET or PETG.

antifouling coating


Coating of maritime surfaces to avoid biofilm formation and the accumulation of underwater organisms.

Save yourself time and let us advise you on choosing the right solution for your product


Are you interested in the topic of antimicrobial surfaces, but feel overwhelmed by the abundance of different solutions and technologies?

Regardless of our technology, we offer you application consulting. Together with you we analyze your situation and your challenge and help you to find the solution that is most suitable for you. 

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