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Keep bacteria and biofilm away from surfaces through a simple coating process

Our technology is suitable for many applications. Contact us to find out if we can help you.

Medical products

medical products

Antibacterial coating of medical devices, application devices and hospital equipment to reduce healthcare-associated infections.



E.g. water vacuum cleaners with anti-fouling coating to reduce biofilm formation or surface finishing of sanitary facilities for better hygiene.



Anti-fouling paint to the hull of a ship or boat to prevent biofilm formation through attached subaquatic organisms.



Antibacterial coating of filter textures and barrier membranes to reduce release of microorganisms in the areas healthcare and food.

Domestic appliances

Domestic appliances

Coating of parts in appliances like washing machines, dish washers or coffee machines to prevent biofilm formation.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Coating of machines or process water tanks to prevent adhesion of dirt and biofilm.

Anti Fog


Hydrophilization of surfaces to reduce fogging of visors and glasses. Transparency and haptic remain unchanged.



Antibacterial coating of indoor aircraft equipment and textiles for aerospace bacteriological protection – no change of mechanical properties.



Antibacterial coating of toys and textiles to prevent microorganism growth – not harmful to children.

Clean room

Clean room

Pre-coated panels and filters for cleanrooms to provide protection against bacteria – waterproof and washable.